Moth Treatment


Carpet moths are a real problem for natural fibres especially wool and silk.  They can lay their eggs in areas that are out of sight and where they can remain undisturbed behind furniture or under rugs. 

When the larvae hatch they consume patches of the fibre which contains keratin, a protein food source and sustains their growth until they evolve into moths.

Failure to address the problem early can lead to large areas being damaged so a moth pre treatment is a

good option to prevent damage in the future.

We supply Rug Remedy, a consumer facing product that kills moths and other insects on contact.

Moth damage on a wool rug

Moth damage

There is some damage on this wool carpet where the eggs were layed and on hatching the larvae have consumed a noticeable amount of fibre from the area.  Applying Rug Remedy can save the rest of the carpet from further damage

This shows a corner of a Chinese rug that was under a sofa that has been eaten away by succesive moths to the point where you can see the cotton backing

Hidden damage

This area of a large Chinese rug was positioned under the front of a sofa and in this position they lay undisturbed in the shadows.  Due to the length of time the larvae were allowed to remain the damage caused to the fibre was severe.

This shows a wool rug that had an infestation of carpet moths whilst in storage

Moth infestation

This rug was infested whilst in storage and the damage again is extensive and in multiple areas.  When storing rugs it is advisable to treat the surfaces to prevent moth infestations causing damage and if possible to wrap with a breatheable covering.

Rug Remedy Moth Treatment

Carpet Moth Killer is supplied ready to use in a 500ml bottle with a trigger spray nozzle.

It is applied by lightly spraying the back and front of your rug with a fine mist.

On fitted carpeting the spray is applied to the face fibre only.

The product should be left to dry which should take around an hour.

Please use the contact form for more information.

This shows two spray bottles of Rug Remedy anti moth treatment