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Clean & Fresh Limited provide specialist carpet stain removal for a variety of products including red wine, tea and coffee.


We are able to remove many stains from synthetic and wool carpets, upholstery and rugs. We remove stains across Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and surrounding areas.

Stain removal tips : -


  • Firstly never rub the carpet
  • For solids use a small spoon to remove excess
  • Blot with kitchen towels as much as possible
  • If using a solvent apply before wetting
  • If residue remains apply a woolsafe spotter to a kitchen towel and blot
  • Spray a mist of water over treated area and blot dry
  • If the stain remains you may need to call a professional cleaner

The picture here shows a red wine stain on a 100% wool berber carpet.


Loop pile carpets pose individual problems as they are more sensitive to any form of aggressive rubbing so must be treated with extra care

This stain was removed using Woolsafe cleaning products and a specialist dye removal treatment.

Red wine stain on wool berber carpet
Red wine stain removed from wool berber carpet

Stain removal gallery

Tea and coffee stains are trickier to remove due to the tannin content and the inclusion of heat. Coke stains similarly are caused by the tannin contained in the fluid but without the temperature element. Red wine stains are also challenging but full removal can be achieved if the correct products are used and sufficient time allocated.


Blood stains have their own challenges and due to the hazards of their content really should be left to a competent professional to remove.


There are many other products that can cause more problems for removal from carpets including:- make up, ink, paint, sauces and curry which would need special treatments and possibly not be removable from some carpets especially untreated wool carpet.

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