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Clean & Fresh Limited provide specialist upholstery cleaning services in Bournemouth, Poole, Ferndown, Wimborne, Ringwood and Christchurch.


As NCCA Advanced Members we are commited to cleaning to the best standards possible. Upholstery needs to be carefully assessed to ensure the correct cleaning method is used as different fibre mixes or styles may require different cleaning.


The first step is a full dry vacuum to ensure the full removal of anything which, if made wet could release colour onto the fibres. The suite will be vacuumed over all its surfaces to include surrounds, both sides of the cushions and the frame. Following this any individual stains will be treated with the most suitable product to aid their removal. If no form of stain protection has previously been applied to the suite these stains may be harder to remove.

We protect the flooring under upholstery by laying out a water proof membrane and covering this with a cotton sheet to absorb surplus moisture and overspray.


If the suite is to be wet cleaned it will have a pre-spray applied to aid the removal of general soiling, especially in the areas where arms and the head rest on the cushions. This pre treatment will be brushed into the fibres to help loosen the soil.


The suite will finaly be cleaned and rinsed with the appropriate upholstery cleaner to remove all soiling and deposits from the pre cleaning processes. After the final rinse any excess moisture can subsequently be wiped off with terry towels.

Upholstery cleaning an armchair

Finally, if required we would deploy turbo driers to speed up the drying time.


After professional cleaning is the ideal time to apply a stain protection product. This will increase the newly cleaned fibres chances of remaining stain free in the future. The application of such products will not stop the suite from getting dirty but it will reduce the chances of further stains becoming permanent.

Fottstool with jean dye stains
Footstool with jean dye stains removed
Woolsafe Aproved Fibre Care Specialist
Fully cleaned armchair
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