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We specialise in off-site immersion cleaning of Antique, Oriental and modern rugs in and around our local area of Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood, Ferndown, Wimborne and Bournemouth. We are Woolsafe Aproved Service Providers and consequently only use Woolsafe products when cleaning wool rich rugs. We are able to clean Chinese, Indian, Afghan, Turkish Morrocan and Persian Oriental rugs made from wool and silk.


All rugs whether they are hand knotted, woven or tufted need to be examined to assess the fibre content and construction to make the best choice of cleaning method be that wet or dry. Oriental rugs are coloured and finished in many different ways using a variety of materials, dyes and processes in their production and some have the potential to shrink or bleed colours if the wrong process is used, so testing is very important.

Wool Chinese rug after immersion cleaning

Extensive dry soil removal is required before any cleaning solutions are used to ensure the removal of all insoluble soil from the fibres. This is acheived with beating and dry vacuuming the rugs thoroughly.


Modern rugs can be surface cleaned with hot water extraction but oriental rugs require more thorough cleaning by fully immersing them during the cleaning process. This saturation of the fibres with correct useage of cleaning products allows more of the soiling to be removed.


Rugs can be lightly cleaned at the customer's address if space allows but for the best results we suggest cleaning off-site which allows us to perform the most effective cleaning.

Immersioin cleaning is the most effective way to clean heavily soiled rugs especially if they have pet odour problems. When completely clean the rug will be fully rinsed and dried out before being returned.


We offer a collection service across most of East Dorset and can return your cleaned and dried rug to you in around 10 - 14 days.

Services : -


  • Light cleaning of woven rugs
  • Dry compound cleaning of woven rugs
  • Extraction Cleaning of tufted rugs
  • Extraction cleaning of Persian, Chinese, Turkish and Indian rugs
  • Immersion cleaning of Oriental rugs, Wool rugs, Silk rugs, Iranian rugs, Chinese rugs and Turkish rugs


NCCA Advanced Member for Rug Cleaning
Woolsafe Aproved Service Provider for Oriental Rug Cleaning
IICRC Certified Firm

Modern rugs can be cleaned with a standard hot water extraction method as the fibres are easier to clean so immersion cleaning would normally be used only where pet odours are an issue.


For professional rug cleaning in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch we offer flexible choices to obtain the best acheivable results. If you need a rug cleaning please call us today for a free home visit and written quotation.

Wool Chinese rug before cleaning

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